Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Best of Goals

I'm sure you're tired of hearing about this, because I'm tired of writing about it (and tired of LIVING IT), but Court is still jobless. That means GOAL NUMBER ONE IS...

Find a way to make a living. I'm trying to concentrate on doing whatever I can that is within my control - namely, meeting with anyone who will talk to me here and applying for everything I am remotely qualified (or overqualified). And then trying to not freak out about what's NOT in my control - like someone actually hiring me.

GOAL NUMBER TWO: READ. This one is lots easier, except I can't really afford to buy new books. But. That's okay! I'm participating in Infinite Summer by reading David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest by the end of summer. That is taking a chunk of my time, but I am ahead of schedule. Also, I'm rereading all the Harry Potter books before the release of the sixth movie on July 15. Considering I started last week, and I'm on number 5, we're all good to complete this goal. This has the added bonus of me framing everything going on around me in wizard terms. (Like sometimes when I think about unemployment too much, I know the dementors are around. If only I had a patronus!) Lastly, thank goodness I have a Kindle. I can save up to $20 on new books coming out that I absolutely have to read RIGHT NOW.

GOAL NUMBER THREE: Workout. I KNOW I will feel better if I get some exercise, but I'm still tempted to not. Because I don't want to. I was hoping this would change, but it only changes after continuously exercising and REALLY KNOWING that it makes me happier and healthier, and I can spare 30 minutes or an hour out of my busy (see above) day. I'm on day 7 (in-a-row) of the 30-day shred, and I am actually seeing changes in my body. Added bonus: I can do a REAL push-up. Not that many of them, but still. This is progress. KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE! That means you should ask me in 23 days if I kept up my end of the bargain. (Great deal for you, right, because you don't have to exercise - just make sure I do!)