Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Best of Updates

Recently, a blogger I like to read, Katie, asked me if I would do a guest post while she traveled to New York City. I agreed, and she suggested I write about a trip (been there) or about my move to DC. She's in NYC now (Hi Katie, hope you're having a wonderful time!), and my post will go live tomorrow.

I wrote about just how not smoothly my move has been, but how just flat out good for me it is that I live here now. I read the entry to Grant last night out loud before we went to bed, and he encouraged me to start writing again. A good idea, right? Plus, I figured I needed a new entry here, and I hadn't realized how long it had been since I'd written. JULY EIGHTH?? And writing about my too-long job search?

Here's an update (and not in any particular order):
1) I have a job, and I love it! Ultimately, I'm glad I didn't get the other jobs for which I interviewed, but I sure wish I could go back and tell the girl who wrote that entry to hang on for just two more weeks.
2) I have been reading (as much as I can), and I just finished Dracula. One day before my deadline, I finished Infinite Jest. That book, the characters, and the author will stay with me for a long time. I'm a better person having read it, but I wish it had found me just one year earlier. David Foster Wallace wrote so aptly (and unfortunately) about depression and addiction. Biggest lesson I took from the book was from Don Gately: no single moment of life is unendurable. Holding on to that as tight as I can for the next time I need it.
3) I workout when I can and don't beat myself up for when I can't.
4) I'm very very very happily happily happily in love.
5) I'm glad I moved here, but I miss my loved ones in Oklahoma. I wish I were there this week to grieve with them over the loss of a good man.