Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best of Drama

My ten-year high school reunion is this month. Up front, I'm not going. If I were still in Oklahoma, I'd probably make an appearance, but I'm not shelling out for a plane ticket now that I'm in DC. This is a good thing, actually, because I thought it was last weekend -- you know, since the organizer announced that on the reunion facebook page -- but it turns out it is June 27th. Anyone in Oklahoma is welcome to crash it at Eischen's that evening. MMMMmmmm, fried chicken.

Not only has there been the date mix-up (and the KHS alumni facebook pages have been lit up over that), which is a big deal for those of us who do not (THANK GOD) live in our hometown, but the only activity being held is at a bar. It is a very cool bar, yes, but it isn't actually in KINGFISHER, as one commenter on the group page points out. There's a bit of drama. Check it out below.

I'm a big fan of social media (obviously), but FB is the only tool that has been utilized for reunion organization purposes. Not everyone has a profile there (a la Grant Thompson), and there are only 38 members of the reunion group -- when we had 100 in our graduating class. Basically, it is a huge snafu.

To recap:
Date & time confusion
Not held in our hometown
Exclusive to FB members
People all worked up BEFORE going to a bar and seeing classmates for the first time in 10 years

As I said, I'm not going - but a girl can blog, right? We yellowjackets sure know how to plan a good event, full of drama. Just like high school.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Best of Music

I have not wanted to exercise AT ALL lately, and my clothes are beginning to show that lack of motivation. I worked hard to get in shape, and I've just been coasting -- in exercise, with food, in life. Today, I jogged. Not far -- definitely not as far as I had gotten to earlier this year -- but far enough for me to remember why I run. I'm in a much better mood, I chose watermelon over cookies, and it felt good to be in the sunshine (soaking up some much-needed Vitamin E). So. I need your help. What motivates you to take time for yourself and pump up your heart rate? The best thing I know to do (which hasn't been working) is have a perfect playlist -- one that makes me want to move. Here is what I listen to while I run:

Under Pressure by David Bowie (warm up)
It's Tricky by Run-DMC
Gold Digger by Kanye
Here It Goes Again by Ok Go
PIMP by 50 Cent
Ain't Nothing Wrong With That
Love Lockdown by Kanye
Get Low* by Lil Jon
Sunshine by Matt Costa (cool down)

What would you add?

*Recently added after seeing, oddly enough, The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. I actually do little moves while I'm jogging to the "to the window... to the WALL" part. You're welcome, Arlington.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best of Arlington

In case any of you were wondering about my new neighborhood, check this out. I live by the Courthouse metro stop (get it? Court's house!) in Arlington, and it is ROUGH and SHADY and in da HOOD. Or not :)

(Courtesy of @welovedc and GoRemy)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Best of Summing It Up

I'm starting to think I may be funemployed forever. Let's hope not.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Best of Comparisons

I told you Henry's schedule, now here's mine. I can quote from an embarrassing amount of daytime television shows, get an amazing amount of sleep, cook desserts almost everyday and have read over 20 books since March -- obviously I'm still unemployed. But! There's hope! This schedule may be a'changin' in the next week or so. It better.

7:30 am - Grant wakes up. Give him good morning kiss, go back to sleep.
8:45 am - Henry comes in to sleep with me. Pet his belly, go back to sleep.
9:00 am - Alarm goes off. Hit snooze, go back to sleep.
10:00 am - Out of bed. Stumble for coffee. Get on internet, check email, check twitter, check flickr, check blogs. Check email again, hope for job news. Get job news!!!! Realize that interview the next day means I don't get to sleep in, but it could also possibly mean a paycheck.
10:30 am - Watch CNN, read, apply for jobs.
11:30 am - Bath. LOOOOOOOOOOONG HOT BATH with a book.
12:00 pm - Microwave meal for lunch.
12:15 pm - Read internet/books.
1:00 pm - Do laundry, pick recipe for later, keep reading.
2:00 pm - ELLEN!
2:05 pm - Henry and I dance with Ellen.
3:00 pm - Start cooking.
3:45 pm - Take a break to read.
4:30 pm - Wonder about taking a nap. Take nap.
6:30 pm - Hear someone else coming home. Yay human company!!!
6:45 pm - Finish up dinner.
7:30 pm - Eat dinner. Give Henry too many scraps.
8:00 pm - Watch TV (lately Criminal Minds on DVD). Turn off alarm that I have set JUST IN CASE my nap lasts way too long.
10:00 pm - Start the cuddling process with Grant on the couch.
11:00 pm - Go to bed.
11:30 pm - Censored.
12:00 am - Go to sleep.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Best of Henry

How could I leave you for so long with just a link to an internet phenomenon? Writer's block? You'd think I'd have time to come up with something to write since I am STILL. UN. EMPLOYED. But I haven't, so when I found this little gem in Henry's planner next to his red with light blue polka dots bed, I had to post it.

DAILY SCHEDULE (Updated for DC Life)
5:30 am - Wake up.
5:37 am - Find squeaky toy.
5:38 am - Wake up mom with aforementioned squeaky toy. I NEED TO PEEEEEEEEE!
5:45 am - Go outside with mom. Don't really need to pee, but love to smell that morning air. It's a NEW DAY EVERYBODY! I LOVE IT! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE MORNINGS! I LOVE WALKS! LET'S GO WALK! LET'S PEE ON STUFF! WALK WALK WALK WALK WALK!!!!! OUTSIDE! WALK! Maybe poop.
6:15 am - Get back from walk. Look for toys to play with in the house.
6:20 am - Realize no one wants to play, go back to bed with mom.
7:00-8:30 am - Sleep, unless someone is in the kitchen. Beg for food, specifically leftover cereal milk. Stare down person who won't give it to me.
8:45 am - Go to sleep in mama's bed - she sleeps in when everyone gets up because she still has no J-O-B.
8:45 am - 9:30/10:00 am - Cuddle, get belly rubbed.
10:00 am - 12:00 pm - Sleep on my couch.
12:15 pm - Beg for lunch leftovers.
12:30 pm - 3:00 pm - Sleep on the floor.
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm - Sleep on the couch.
6:30 pm - Get excited that someone is about to come home! Sleep by the door.
6:45 pm - Get belly rubbed.
7:30 pm - Get dog food. Don't eat it; instead beg for human food. When all human food has been exhausted, eat my own shitty food.
8:00 pm - Drink entire gallon of water.
8:03 pm - NEED TO GO OUTSIDE!!
8:05 pm - Pee and play outside with my FRIENDS! I LOVE MY FRIENDS! Try to hump one. Jump in mud. Get in trouble. Go back inside.
8:30 pm - Sleep on floor. Don't go to bed in case roommates eat snacks.
11:00 pm - Sleepily walk to my own bed.