Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best of Drama

My ten-year high school reunion is this month. Up front, I'm not going. If I were still in Oklahoma, I'd probably make an appearance, but I'm not shelling out for a plane ticket now that I'm in DC. This is a good thing, actually, because I thought it was last weekend -- you know, since the organizer announced that on the reunion facebook page -- but it turns out it is June 27th. Anyone in Oklahoma is welcome to crash it at Eischen's that evening. MMMMmmmm, fried chicken.

Not only has there been the date mix-up (and the KHS alumni facebook pages have been lit up over that), which is a big deal for those of us who do not (THANK GOD) live in our hometown, but the only activity being held is at a bar. It is a very cool bar, yes, but it isn't actually in KINGFISHER, as one commenter on the group page points out. There's a bit of drama. Check it out below.

I'm a big fan of social media (obviously), but FB is the only tool that has been utilized for reunion organization purposes. Not everyone has a profile there (a la Grant Thompson), and there are only 38 members of the reunion group -- when we had 100 in our graduating class. Basically, it is a huge snafu.

To recap:
Date & time confusion
Not held in our hometown
Exclusive to FB members
People all worked up BEFORE going to a bar and seeing classmates for the first time in 10 years

As I said, I'm not going - but a girl can blog, right? We yellowjackets sure know how to plan a good event, full of drama. Just like high school.

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