Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Best of Comparisons

I told you Henry's schedule, now here's mine. I can quote from an embarrassing amount of daytime television shows, get an amazing amount of sleep, cook desserts almost everyday and have read over 20 books since March -- obviously I'm still unemployed. But! There's hope! This schedule may be a'changin' in the next week or so. It better.

7:30 am - Grant wakes up. Give him good morning kiss, go back to sleep.
8:45 am - Henry comes in to sleep with me. Pet his belly, go back to sleep.
9:00 am - Alarm goes off. Hit snooze, go back to sleep.
10:00 am - Out of bed. Stumble for coffee. Get on internet, check email, check twitter, check flickr, check blogs. Check email again, hope for job news. Get job news!!!! Realize that interview the next day means I don't get to sleep in, but it could also possibly mean a paycheck.
10:30 am - Watch CNN, read, apply for jobs.
11:30 am - Bath. LOOOOOOOOOOONG HOT BATH with a book.
12:00 pm - Microwave meal for lunch.
12:15 pm - Read internet/books.
1:00 pm - Do laundry, pick recipe for later, keep reading.
2:00 pm - ELLEN!
2:05 pm - Henry and I dance with Ellen.
3:00 pm - Start cooking.
3:45 pm - Take a break to read.
4:30 pm - Wonder about taking a nap. Take nap.
6:30 pm - Hear someone else coming home. Yay human company!!!
6:45 pm - Finish up dinner.
7:30 pm - Eat dinner. Give Henry too many scraps.
8:00 pm - Watch TV (lately Criminal Minds on DVD). Turn off alarm that I have set JUST IN CASE my nap lasts way too long.
10:00 pm - Start the cuddling process with Grant on the couch.
11:00 pm - Go to bed.
11:30 pm - Censored.
12:00 am - Go to sleep.

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