Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Best of Music

I have not wanted to exercise AT ALL lately, and my clothes are beginning to show that lack of motivation. I worked hard to get in shape, and I've just been coasting -- in exercise, with food, in life. Today, I jogged. Not far -- definitely not as far as I had gotten to earlier this year -- but far enough for me to remember why I run. I'm in a much better mood, I chose watermelon over cookies, and it felt good to be in the sunshine (soaking up some much-needed Vitamin E). So. I need your help. What motivates you to take time for yourself and pump up your heart rate? The best thing I know to do (which hasn't been working) is have a perfect playlist -- one that makes me want to move. Here is what I listen to while I run:

Under Pressure by David Bowie (warm up)
It's Tricky by Run-DMC
Gold Digger by Kanye
Here It Goes Again by Ok Go
PIMP by 50 Cent
Ain't Nothing Wrong With That
Love Lockdown by Kanye
Get Low* by Lil Jon
Sunshine by Matt Costa (cool down)

What would you add?

*Recently added after seeing, oddly enough, The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. I actually do little moves while I'm jogging to the "to the window... to the WALL" part. You're welcome, Arlington.