Sunday, November 9, 2008

Best of Celebrations

Yesterday, Grant and I marked the one-year anniversary from our crazy first date. It was the first "first date" I'd ever had, and appropriately it felt like high school for both of us. I was still staying with his aunt and uncle, who did not know we had a date planned. I came home from work as fast as I could to get date-ready, bathing and shaving and brushing teeth in a nervous hurry. After I got my clothes, jewelry and make up on, I sat and waited with Whitters, still giggly nervous. Grant called, and HOLY CRAP was it an awkward conversation. He said he'd be at the house in a few minutes, and that he'd regularly pick me up at the door but, and I interrupted him saying that there was no need and I'd meet him in the driveway, and Whitters could hear the whole thing and was laughing so hard she had to leave the room. I felt like I was sneaking out, and felt more like sixteen than twenty-six.

We went to the White Lion, a British pub, where we had the cheese plate and beer and I thought he didn't like me. BUT after dinner, he asked if I'd like to have a drink, so we walked over to Sutures and put all of our respective baggage on the table. I'm pretty sure that's a first date no-no. We went to a party after that... and I'll end my story there... but neither one of us knew what to think the next day. I wondered if he'd ever call me again, and he wondered the same thing.

He did.

One year later, we've had ups and downs, but HOLY HELL have we made it through some rough times. We have a strong and loving relationship, which made yesterday like Christmas. He had to work at 7:30am, so I got up at 5:30am to make him pancakes before he had to leave. I WILLINGLY got up on a SATURDAY MORNING BEFORE THE SUNRISE - this is love, people. We ate, he left, I napped :), then I went to finish shopping. We met for his lunch break, I continued shopping, and made it home in time to make him an apple pie before we headed on our date adventure.

Also like Christmas: PRESENTS!!! I got him a Rabbit wine opener, a fuzzy king-sized blanket because I keep it so cold, a set of sheets so we could move his bed to our house, a new sweater, and a glassblowing lesson. HE GOT ME A LE CREUSET FRENCH OVEN. Shut up, I know, it's the coolest. And a set of cheese knives, and deep dish pizza pans, and DID I MENTION THE LIME GREEN LE CREUSET?

After we had a glass of wine, we headed to Tulsa for the glassblowing lesson. He made a glass flower entirely by himself -- he's a gaffer -- and I assisted the glass artist in making an ornament. The studio, run by Sarah, is wonderful, and after Tuesday's dismal Oklahoma results, having some of the arts here is a little reassuring. Added bonus: she likes Obama and wanted to trade for Grant's shirt.

We headed to the White Lion for dinner, where we ate cheese and held hands and kissed and did all the things that piss off other people in the restaurant. One year ago, we began a journey of healing for both us there, and we're still going and loving, and it's exactly what I want.

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