Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best of 2009

Man, this year just kicked my ego in the pants. (See all the posts about wanting a job but not being able to find one.) It was hard, and then it was worth it, and then it was hard again, and then it was worth it, and so on. I came out on top in the end, but listen up twenty-ten - I'd really like a year of coasting and enjoying rather than growing and fretting. Ahem.

What I did in 2009:
January - Attended (kind of) the inauguration of a new President (!!!!!!), packed up and moved an office, and started driving to Louisiana every other weekend.
February - Packed up my house and put it in a pod, took many trips to LA, and gave up drinking. Permanently.
March - Moved to DC (FINALLY!), and turned 28. Twenty-freaking-eight, people.
April - Grant arrived in DC!!!
May - Baked, read, and looked for a job.
June - Baked, read, and looked for a job. Got depressed about not finding a job.
July - Baked, read, and looked for a job. Gave up on finding a job. Found a job!
August - Tried to find footing in my new job, thankfully during recess, and watched two of my best friends tie the knot.
September - Grant turned 32.
October - Lost someone dear to me and worried about the health of my relatives.
November - Wrote a first draft of my novel, officially dated Grant for over 2 years, and celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time in DC (another first: cooked the entire meal myself).
December - Went back to Oklahoma, and celebrated Christmas for the first time in DC.

My resolutions for 2010 - edit my novel, exercise more (with my new Nike+ system), keep in touch with my friends, tackle more recipes that intimidate me, and make an important relationship official (hoping you can read between the lines on that one). Is it cliche to resolve to update my blog more regularly? Eh, I'll try to just post when I have important news to tell you. Or when I can make it funny. You know, the usual, but a tad more frequently.

Much, much, much love in the last few minutes of the aughties, and even more for the upcoming teens*!

(*Is that what we're calling it yet?)