Monday, May 5, 2008

Best of IMs & Emails

Best of We Are Finally Figuring out That We Deserve Better*:
Peggy: i have a new boy
me: details!!!!!
Peggy: he is funny and super adorable
it's weird because he is so sweet to me
me: i think it's weird that it is weird for us to be with sweet people

Best of Describing My Work in Norman:
Micah: me too. can we get a drink tonight?
i wish
i am basically living in norman until may 13
Micah: damnit
i forgive you but only because you are giving kids books
to prevent crime or something

*This conversation occurred at 2am when we were both up working, and I have since closed that IM window, so this is just from my photographic memory, baby. I don't save my gmail chats because I know that somehow it would get me in trouble. YOU KNOW IT WOULD. This blog would be the most widely read thing in Oklahoma if someone could figure out how to steal those and post 'em.

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