Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Best of Tuesdays

One month ago today, I was married. I hadn't thought of the significance of the date, since there's another big event today, but grinned when I saw the text from Chilton wishing me a Happy One Month. Then I stole her idea and sent it to Grant. We made it one month! Hot Dog!*

And... it's Election Day. I voted (and got my very specific "I voted in Arlington" sticker) this morning after walking Henry. The office has been slooooooow, so it feels like Election Day, even though I'm not campaigning. When I got nervous about my wedding day, Bidisha reminded me that a wedding day would be like an election. You do all of the work beforehand, and then if you're doing it right, the actual day would be boring. You just have to let go, I guess. And man is it boring. The waiting makes everything last even longer (this day feels like 3 days at least).

It dawned on me last night what fall is usually like for me - during the last cycle in 2008 I spent most of September and October knocking doors and helping my candidates when I wasn't at work. I remember doing GOTV with my grandmother and seeing the prettiest orange tree and wondering when summer had ended. I'm glad I'm getting to enjoy fall this year.

Tonight is also my night to myself - Grant has his class, so I want to go home, work out, read, and perhaps cook and put together some bookshelves. And maybe watch as many election results as I can stand.

*I worked that in just so I could also post this picture.

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