Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Best of Roommates

I have three roommates.

This is my newest one, Henry:

Yes, he is THAT cute in person. You will have to meet him. He likes to sleep, eat and pee.

The other boy roommate likes to leave the toilet seat up. I have talked to him about it, and so has Whitters. He is rightfully afraid (but not scared enough to put the damn seat down) that whichever of us falls in first is going to freak out. I'm sure you'll hear about it when it happens.

I spent the past few days with my two human roommates, basically celebrating spring. We've gone to brunch* at Palace Cafe (great food, mediocre-to-bad service), shopped for plants, cleaned, hung pictures, drove with the top down, cooked, planted those plants and found our new roommate hanging out on the street. Sometimes we just look at the puppy. Just because he is that cute.

When I say "cooked", I mean COOKED... I've made fork-mashed purple potatoes, turkey meatloaf, homemade whole-wheat pasta with lemon, garlic & artichokes, tomato & mozzarella salad, roasted garlic for bread, homemade pasta with tomato sauce, and some pretty incredible apple cinnamon muffins. We've got leftovers if you want to swing by. Plus, there are plans for lemon poppyseed cake (I probably won't be eating) and chocolate chip cookies (just try to stop me).

Whitters is my sous chef (and the co-chair of the brunch committee and also the social chair - ask her about the Court-a-palooza birthday-redo that is occurring this Saturday at 632), and she cleans after all that cooking. Yup, I know I'm lucky.

Right now I'm enjoying a glass of wine after a great dinner with two of my favorite people in the entire world. I'm about to have tea with water from my new lemongrass green Le Creuset tea pot. Life is pretty good.

*Brunch committee (also co-chaired by Grant) meets every Sunday around noon-ish or later. We are searching for the perfect brunch location in Tulsa (so far committee members have tried McNellie's, the Chalkboard, and the Palace Cafe... and we're still looking for the best, inexpensive, tasty, and would-it-kill-them-to-have-a-good-bloody-mary? place).