Thursday, April 17, 2008

Best of Weather

Last night, I had a sudden desire to be home with my family and dogs, so instead of staying the night in Norman, I drove to Kingfisher to stay with Mom, Kenneth, Daisy, Chester & Gallagher. We also have a calf named Noel.

I got home late after a late-night meeting, but everyone had waited up and Mom and I had a drink and then I told her stories and made her laugh really hard. I wish I could share them with you here, but most of them are not blog-appropriate. (I can't tell you how grateful I am to have a mom who I can tell inappropriate but hilarious stories, and who laughs as hard about them as I do.) Anyway.

We had plans for the next day involving the Festival of the Arts. I also have a mom who thinks art is important enough that she would take Seth and me out of school for a day to go to this. I love it, and all the memories I have associated with it, so I like to share it with special people. Hence, Grant and Whitters were going to drive down to enjoy the art and the food, too.

Mom woke me up this morning to tell me that we might have to literally raincheck because of the weather.

First, I was pissed. I was ready for a spring-time activity with my friends and family, and Grant had never been. Then I was disappointed.

As I was cycling through these emotions, I talked to a friend about it online. When he said that he hadn't heard anything about it, I went all caps on him and said "YOU'VE NEVER HEARD ABOUT THE ARTS FEST? IT IS THE COOLEST!" I misunderstood. He had heard about it, he just hadn't heard anything about it lately. (If you clicked on the link above and noticed the dates, you also might get what he was hinting.)

He hadn't heard about it, because IT STARTS NEXT WEEK.

I'm not going to hear the end of this anytime soon.

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  1. youre a genius :) dont you wish you had a counter to see just how many ppl read this thing, even if they dont comment.. i have a feeling its alot:) also, this just means we have a week to GET EXCITED about art and food, what what!!!