Friday, June 6, 2008

Best of Deliciousness

For once, I'm not talking completely about food. Yes, the pie turned out well and tasted pretty darn good, but it sure was confusing to the Thompson boys. Even though Grant picked up the rhubarb, it disturbed him to see me prepare it (take off the leaves - they are poisonous and look like a webbed duck foot) since it resembled red celery. Raw, it also tastes like a too-tart lemon that is not fun to chew. Cooked, he couldn't get over the fact that it looked like cooked hot dog pieces were in his pie. Garet also dared to try a piece after really questioning me about JUST WHAT IS RHUBARB?, and I couldn't really answer that, except to say it TASTES GOOD. I promise. After just eating the strawberries, he ventured out and tried a piece of rhubarb. And then he announced, "I like rhubarb." Cooper, his yellow lab, however does not. So it goes.

I guess I am talking a lot about food.

We had a really great dinner with grilled pork chops (I LOVE THE GRILL!!) and potatoes and green beans and this really great beer bread that I will be attempting to make.

The best part of the night, though, was not food. After dinner, we all went to the living room, where Grant convinced everyone to watch the NBA finals, and I sat next to him on the couch. Then I laid down a little bit, and then a little bit more, and when I got a blanket and an Abby curled up next to me... I was out. I remember thinking right before I dozed off, "This feels delicious." I think I chose that word because my subconscious was about to take over, but it still feels right today. I was with Grant, who I adore. I ate a healthy dinner, cooked a good pie, drank some wine, and left my cell phone in the car. I didn't have work to do, didn't have to check my email - I could just lay there and lazily fall asleep to the TV with a full stomach and one of my favorite dogs in the whole world. And I felt comfortable and relaxed enough at his parent's house to take a little nap. Just delicious.

When he woke me up at 10 (he had fallen asleep, too), we went home, and went directly to bed. We had the fan on, he turned on the game, and we fell asleep to it.

This night is such the opposite of what I was experiencing at the same time last summer. I worked too much, I worried too much, and at times I just felt desperate for the kind of life I'm now writing about. I'm glad I found a way to relax just a little bit, to not freaking worry so much, and that desperation only visits a couple of times a year (rather than living with me 24/7). Good riddance.

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