Thursday, June 5, 2008


I have had my eye on this Strawberry Rhubarb pie recipe for over a week, and only 2 things were going to get in my way: 1) having an occasion to put in this much work for 1 pie, and 2) finding rhubarb.

We're having dinner with Grant's parents tonight (a perfect occasion for a early-summer time pie), and Grant was successful in hunting down some (really expensive) rhubarb.

I am obsessed with the website Smitten Kitchen, where I got this recipe, because the woman who writes it is funny AND SHE TELLS YOU WHEN THE RECIPE GOES HORRIBLY WRONG. I like that kind of honesty. I think we would be friends in real life. I decided to make this pie even though she recommends making the pie dough from scratch (necessitating all the dough ingredients staying ice-cold for the whole process, and I courageously attempted this in June in Oklahoma).

As she put it, "shh, the pie can hear you," and this pie totally smelled my fear. After rolling out the dough and making a mess, it was NOT coming together. I got a pep talk from Grant, talked sternly to the dough as if it were Henry misbehaving, and it rolled out perfectly.

I have no idea what it tastes like, but it at least looks good.

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  1. story in a nutshell. When Kelsey asked where you were last night, I told her you went to dinner and then showed them that pic of your perfect little pie. They were both very impressed. Kelsey goes, "hmm, she cooks, well, isn't THAT convenient for you". and i agree with Kels. Living with little miss everything (that includes being little miss top chef) is convenient, and tasty...

    Also, Katie thinks its real cool that you have your own blog. You need to meet the Suttons, they're fans of yours...