Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Best of the Best News!

I have been working hard on fixing so much of my life, and man has it paid off the past two days! I've been fighting to get healthier physically, financially and emotionally for almost a year, and I knew it wouldn't happen overnight. I didn't expect it to all happen in the same day, though!

1) I got a bonus at work. One that I was promised almost a year ago, but I finally got it!
2) I subsequently paid off all my credit cards last night. WOO. HOO. I feel so responsible and relieved.
3) I finally got the original appraisal for a piece of jewelry I am interested in selling.
4) After the medical problems and treatment I had earlier this year, I went to the doctor again to see if all the precancerous cells were gone, and I found out a few minutes ago that my test came back NORMAL.

Let the (financially responsible) celebrating begin!

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