Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Best of Getting the Hell Outta Dodge

After recent events, we're ready for vacation. In less than two weeks, we're headed to Denver, Colorado, with a million other Democrats for the National Convention. Grant was able to take off work, and we got cheap flights, so we're going to be there for the nominating speech. So so so excited! The weather should be cooler, we're going to be hanging out with progressives (most of them, anyway), and (how should I put this delicately?) it's not Oklahoma. We'll be in the mile high city (HELLO mile high club!) from Sunday through Friday. Activities planned so far include partying, going to a free day at the Denver Art Museum, listening to speeches, going to a Sex, Politics and Cocktails party, seeing friends in the area and going to see Michelle Obama and Speaker Pelosi at "gala reception." And I also have to work.

The more exciting trip is exactly a month later, when Grant and I will leave for Vegas for his birthday! It was a surprise trip for about a day after I purchased the tickets, but I couldn't take it anymore. I told him Friday night before things got crazy. We're staying at Treasure Island (or TI if you are hip - I'm not), and I'm ready to eat, drink, laze about, gamble, lounge by the pool, and really celebrate with Grant - everything you are supposed to do in Sin City. We're going for three nights, which is really not that long, but seeing as there is something going on in November (and all the other politicos take the Vegas trip AFTER the elections), it'll have to do. I'm probably leaving the laptop (and all connections to work) at home.

Thank goodness for escapes.

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