Sunday, August 31, 2008

Best of Days


While I'm in Oklahoma, trying to get caught up on sleep, my best friend is celebrating her 24th birthday by knocking doors in Indiana for Obama. Maybe not exactly how she thought she'd mark the day of her birth, but she's making a difference, like always. Whitney Marie Denton, I miss you like crazy! I wish you had been in Denver, getting to watch the shows (both the convention and the other one) and seeing firsthand what all your hard work is about. Thank you for letting me call you at crazy hours to tell you about my adventures during this week every August.

I wish you were here to party it up for Whit-A-Palooza, but we'll just do that in November (when we'll have TWO great things to celebrate).

Love you!

1 comment:

  1. who wouldnt wanna knock doors on their birthday?
    This week in August is my faveorite week of the year. and it has nothing to do with my bday:) :) :)

    also, my feet hurt. its a sign of my old age.
    i miss you and love you mf. thanks for making me a best of.