Thursday, October 16, 2008

Best of Confessions

This is hard to write about, but you probably need to know. I like to cook, and I cook most everything I see on smittenkitchen. I also use the term "YUM-O" to ironically describe food, since I'm the opposite of an RR fan. She says EVOO (just say Olive Oil like the rest of the world - it has half as many syllables), she carries all her ingredients at once (instead of making two trips), she has a GARBAGE BOWL (why not just throw it in, I don't know, the GARBAGE), and she's annoying.


Last week, I made a recipe off smitten. Here's the confession - it was actually Racheal Ray's. And I liked it.

I'm still not a fan, I know I'll get shit for this, but at least I hated the name of the dish even if I liked the taste: You Won't Be Single For Long Vodka Cream Pasta.


  1. hell is frozen over, i'm ice skating on it, and your eating cake.

    wtf. are they messing with collinder thing again in france?

  2. RR recipes aren't so bad! Some of the pasta ones are actually reall good...even though she's annoying sometimes.