Monday, October 20, 2008

Best of Seth, Volume Two (Political Edition)

We are 15 days from a history-changing election, for better or for worse. My brother is voting for Obama, and last night in an email I found out he is campaigning for his friends to do so as well. He is the chair of his precinct, and I can't wait for him to get to vote in his first presidential election.

I talked to mom about it today, and she told me that he told her he was voting for Obama, and then asked her who she was supporting in the Corporation Commissioner race. (SO PROUD that he even knows that race is on the ballot.) She said she was supporting Roth, and he told her he was thinking about supporting Murphy. (SO PROUD that he even knows the names of the candidates running.) She asked him why, and he said it seemed like she had more experience. (SO PROUD that he knows about her background, even though she's not up much on TV.) That doesn't seem like many 19 year olds, now does it?

But he better still fucking vote for Roth.

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