Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Best of Pick Up Lines

Holy crap! I forgot to tell you about one of the first things that happened on the Vegas trip. Grant and I made it to the airport on time, even after having lunch and having to turn around to go get a swimsuit that SOMEONE forgot to pack (it wasn't me). We got checked in, got seats together, and headed to security.

I walked through, it beeped, and I realized that I needed to take off my earrings. The TSA guy told me as much, so I went back through the magnetometer, put my earrings in a bowl and on the conveyor belt, and went back through. Success! The guy is still holding on to my boarding pass and giving me a look, so I'm wondering what the problem is. He starts to hand it to me, just out of my reach and says, "This is the point in the conversation when I tell you that you didn't set the machine off, but you still look alarming."

I shit you not.

Grant got to hear about it the entire time we spent at the bar while our flight was delayed. He better not act up, because now... well, now I have a back up, and I know right where to find him.

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