Monday, September 22, 2008

Best of Fall

Oh, THANK GOD, it's here. Right? Yesterday, Grant and I drove to Vinita to spend the day with Dad and V.V. on her birthday. We had a great and low-key day, but when we were driving home, we got lost. Only we didn't really get lost, we just thought we were, so we turned around for no reason, and just lost time. We were so ready to get home. I drove, and we were on the turnpike when my car suddenly sounded like it had been on Pimp My Ride to get glass packs. Or pipes. Or whatever the hell. We made the decision to just keep driving and crossed our fingers and wished on one-headlights to make sure we made it home. We did.

I took the car in today to the Muffler shop in town, and just hoped that it would not take away all my trip money for Vegas -- we leave in 3 days. When they called me to give me the verdict, the woman told me that something happened to my converter, and that he would have to weld it back. She wanted to know if they should go ahead and work on it, and I asked the dreaded question: "How much would it cost?"


Fall, I have waited for you so long. You are my favorite season, and we always have such a good time together. This just is more proof of your love. During the Spring, my car cost $1200 to fix, and during the Summer, it required a $300 follow-up. But I'll take 45 and Autumn ANY. DAY.

It's my favorite season. Fave. Fave. FAVE! And I got the coolest postcard IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Because of all this, it didn't hurt so much when we got pulled over in my car tonight -- not for speeding, not for rolling a stop sign -- but for having one headlight. Hey Oklahoma, you're welcome for all the wishes I've been giving you, but now I've gotta go get it fixed.


  1. 1. fall is my fave too. shocker, i know.
    2. in ref. to your postcard. YOU. ARE. SO. COOL. and I. AM. SO. JEALOUS.
    3. You're not just a roadie. You're totally in the circle.
    37. i lof you, mf.