Friday, September 5, 2008

Best of My Family

I called my mom today, to see what the fam was doing this weekend. I haven't seen her or Seth or Kenneth or the dogs in way too long, plus I have convention swag to give them. She tells me she is going to Stillwater on Sunday to bring Seth food, so I ask if I can come along and join them. I ask her what time - she says she'll have to get back to me after she texts my brother.

Ten minutes later, my phone rings again. She tells me that she wrote Seth (he doesn't often answer phone calls, at least from us) to ask him what food he wanted to bring and that I would drive over and what time should we get there? He writes back "yay bring me my sister." No time, no food (and he LIKES food, let me tell ya), but I made the text. I feel loved.

My mom wanted to tell me that because she thought it was funny as I do. After she said it, I said back "WHAT WHAT!" to let her know that I was happy and excited to be so loved. I think she thought I just said it once with a question mark, because she just repeated herself. When I said it again, she told me she didn't understand. I tried to explain it, saying that "WHAT WHAT!" is kind of like saying "YAY!" Really, it's like saying "HOLLA!" but I knew she wouldn't get that. The explanation didn't work, so I just gave up.

Also, he sent another text telling us to get there "10ish," which is notable because I think he likes sleep as much as he likes food, and there's a game the night before, which means alcohol (and he might like that better than sleep and food combined, as we all should). Mom texted back to say that it was awful early for him, but she was glad that we'd have more time. He wrote back to say that's why he chose it.


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  1. gotta love the seth. tell him, kimmy, kenneth, chester, noelle, and of course, GALLAGHER IBA, that whitters says HI!