Friday, September 12, 2008

Best of Updates

Dear Blog,

Maybe it is because I finished a self-imposed writing assignment earlier this week and no longer having something I HAVE to write, I have lots of things I want to write. And tell you about. Please be patient with a lot of updates, and I hope you have it in your heart to not think of the two letters L & P while I do so. Only 2 people will understand that, but it's worth a mention.

Anywho, as seen by the comments here, I'm not the only one acting odd. And I'm not the only one off in my house, either. The past two days, Henry has willingly gotten in the bath. Not to bathe, not with water, but just to hang out while I do my hair. The first morning, he cried and whined like he does when he's gotta pee really bad (if he were a person, he'd be crossing his legs, dancing and holding his crotch, but since he can't do that, he vocalizes his need). I tried to take him outside - that's not what he wanted. He's indignant when you can't read his mind. Anyway, after crying for about five long minutes, which really impaired my hair straigtening along with the humidity, he decided to risk getting in trouble, and jumped in the tub.

And he did it again this morning. Weird. Hadron, I tell ya.